Rebranding and repositioning as a basis for an international growth strategy

UNITED CAPS, formerly known as PROCAP, develops, produces and sells plastic caps and closures. This leading player wanted to seize the opportunity of an essential name change to reposition itself in 11 European countries.  UNITED CAPS’ major challenge? Altering market perception from a rather product-oriented to a more customer-oriented company, focused on customisation and service.

A new website and brand name with corporate guidelines reinforce the new positioning

The new name needed to work in both the rational and the emotional sense. The general idea was to allow the company to evolve from a very conventional, product-driven company to a company that is focused on innovation and listens to the customer’s specific wishes.

We chose the name UNITED CAPS together with the baseline ‘close to you’ and a mission statement based on the ‘golden circle’ principle.

Once the name was agreed on, the house style soon followed, accompanied by corporate guidelines that served as a foundation for all communication. Once the date of the official launch of the new ‘brand’ had been determined, a consistent content marketing strategy was developed, including how and to whom the news would be spread.

Working with UNITED CAPS, we created a content calendar, taking into account the various stakeholders and target audiences. Employees, partners and (key) account managers all needed to be informed about the repositioning. The press also needed to be told, and the objective was to increase the general awareness of UNITED CAPS and create a real buzz about the new approach. We developed a detailed PR strategy, including trade, business and local press, and covering all eleven European countries where UNITED CAPS is active.

Timing was crucial when informing stakeholders about the new brand positioning.

A few months before the official announcement, we started a teaser campaign, including a countdown on the company’s website. Meanwhile, we were busy behind the scenes designing the brand new house style.

One day before the official announcement, the CEO announced the news internally, with a video message broadcast in all seven factories at once. Each employee received a goodie bag in recognition of their hard work and their essential role in the company’s success.

A press event was organised and invitations were sent to a select group of international journalists from the most prominent online and print publications in the sector, plus other media representatives. The teasing and creative (online and offline) invitation hinted at the new logo, without giving anything away.

The great unveiling finally occurred in the newly renovated and extended production facility in Hoboken in Belgium. Not only were the journalists present treated to a real scoop in the industry, complete with the company’s list of innovations and ambitions. They were also given the opportunity to interview a number of directors from UNITED CAPS and enjoyed an exclusive tour of the factory.

During the press event itself we distributed the news to a wider audience with a press release in eight languages. The new website and company profile pages on social media were also launched.

UNITED CAPS customers received a letter announcing the news, together with an explanation of what the new strategy would mean for their company.

We used the unveiling as a basis for an advertising campaign in certain specialised (online and offline) trade media, again in the 11 countries where UNITED CAPS is present. All means of communication were rebranded: from corporate templates, landing pages, infographics, sales sheets… to USB sticks, pens, banners, watches, company uniforms and many more.

News of the new growth strategy soon spread internationally.

The new name and strategy at UNITED CAPS were strictly confidential. The company’s managers and the ARK BBN team were the only ones to be informed, right up until the moment of the official announcement .

The new brand name, values and mission statement were met with jubilation across the company and beyond. News of the new growth strategy soon spread internationally, resulting in an impressive number of high-quality articles, both in online and offline media. Since the start of the rebranding campaign, we have seen a positive evolution in the number of articles published about UNITED CAPS. The company is a pioneer in the industry: well-known among a wide audience and generally considered to be progressive and customer-oriented.

With ARK BBN’s help, UNITED CAPS became top of mind among consumers and customers. The company’s relationship with the press was also enhanced, guaranteeing positive collaboration and plenty more news about UNITED CAPS in the future.

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