Case Eternit – TECTA slate

The TECTA slate, from product launch to recognisable eye-catcher

Roof and facade specialist Eternit has developed a revolutionary new product: the TECTA slate. “The number one slate for the future,” they briefed, with a file full of figures and research. But how do we convince architects, contractors and consumers? Simple: by striking the right chord.

How do you make a hit of your product launch?

The proof is in the figures and the results: thanks to a protective coating, TECTA slates are more resistant to scratches and impact, dust and dirt, deformation and discolouration, efflorescence and so much more. But how can you trigger an architect or a builder to discover all that at a glance? By using their specific requirements as your starting point.

Eternit TECTA campagnebeeld

How do you convince architects, contractors and consumers with a product launch? Simple: by striking the right chord.

Give your product launch a clear framework

Eternit had a detailed briefing for the product launch of their new TECTA slate. Staying within those boundaries, the specialists at ARK BBN got down to the nitty-gritty. The key question: which ultimate advantage or argument will really hit home with our target group? The answer provided the basis for all texts and designs: ‘protection at the highest level’. Because all parties benefit from an extra-strong slate that lasts longer and always looks as new. Professionals read ‘fewer problems with installation on follow-up,’ while ‘a carefree facade or roof’ is what appeals to consumers.

Attractive, stylish, future-oriented and ultra-protective … The image also has to immediately evoke the right associations. How about a meteor shower raining down on the TECTA slate (future and protection: check) combined with futuristic steel architecture in the background to complete the picture (beauty and style: double check)?

Eternit TECTA-lei brochure
Eternit TECTA stalendoos

The first impression of your product launch counts

Do you flick past an advertisement? Do you walk past a trade fair booth? Do you actually see an online banner? Every TECTA communication immediately hits the mark: this is the number one slate for the future, just as Eternit briefed. What’s more, the recognisable black-and-white style swiftly attracts attention.

Architects who would like more explanation are given all the (technical) details in stylish sample boxes. Consumers discover why they should opt for TECTA slates in a clear brochure and video. Every detail sits well, each point is made clear – in both Dutch and French – for various communication carriers:

  • advertisements
  • leaflets
  • brochures
  • sample boxes
  • banners
  • social media posts
  • videos
  • trade fair booths (Batibouw)

Attractive, stylish, future-oriented and ultra-protective… The baseline and the image immediately evoke the right associations.

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