Case F-Secure

Marketing automation: multinational repositions itself in 11 countries

F-Secure is a global cyber security provider based in Helsinki, Finland. It has 20 offices worldwide. The company contacted ARK BBN to – among other things – promote its new cloud-based security service ‘Younited for business’ in 11 target countries.

Promotion and stronger cooperation

F-Secure services small- and medium-sized businesses as well as resellers and distributors in over 100 countries.

The company called in our digital experts for different reasons. It wanted to raise awareness for cyber security and promote its new cloud-based security service ‘Younited for Business’ in 11 target countries. Moreover, the security provider aimed to use the campaign to improve communication and collaboration between its marketing and sales teams and empower its resellers.

We conducted al lead generation campaign in 11 target countries.

Marketing automation platform: everything in one place

We set up Eloqua and integrated the marketing automation platform with F-Secure’s CRM system Salesforce. We used it to conduct a lead generation campaign in 11 target countries. We identified and generated new leads through:

  • Google ads (Search and Display ads)
  • Gmail promotions
  • Social media
  • Webinars
  • Email campaigns

The all digital campaign helped F-Secure reposition itself as a versatile cloud service provider in 11 countries at the same time.

From lead to prospect

As soon as a lead submitted a form, the data were stored in Salesforce, allowing sales teams to convert leads into prospects with sales calls, webinars and follow-up e-mails. The all-digital campaign enabled F-secure to reposition itself as a versatile cloud service provider in 11 countries at the same time.

Marketing automation platform Eloqua: no programming needed

Thanks to marketing automation platform Eloqua’s integration, we were able to manage the following easily with one programme. Programming wasn’t needed.

  • User tracking
  • GDPR compliant opt-in process
  • Lead scoring
  • Single email or multi-step campaigns
  • Digital body language
  • Segmentation
  • Personalised content on webpages and in emails

Through marketing automation, F-Secure yielded more sales-qualified leads than ever.

Marketing automation: the right message at the right time

Thanks to F-Secure’s all digital lead generation campaign, e-mail open rates increased by 10%. In only 4 months’ time, we collected data from over 110,000 potential resellers and 144,000 potential end customers through 1 well-integrated lead generation campaign.

The campaign has served as a basis for F-Secure’s profiling and follow-up lead nurturing campaigns up until this day. It has allowed F-Secure’s sales teams and resellers to gain insight into online customer behavior and yield more sales-qualified leads than ever.

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