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From briefcase to suitcase: this is how you can motivate salespeople

In order to motivate employees and sales and to stimulate the sales of service products, Atlas Copco CTS organises an internal sales competition every year. To this end, ARK BBN was invited to help set the scene. Who is CTS? Compressor Technique Service (CTS) provides spare parts and service for the industrial compressors distributed around the world by Compressor Technique.

A reusable platform to stimulate sales annually

“We are currently building a new website for our internal CTS sales campaign every year. This is not only expensive, but time-consuming as well. There’s got to be another way,” said Peter Leemans, CTS Vice President of Competence Development & Communications.

“Of course there is!” our digital team assured him. So we puzzled together a platform that could be used every year to stimulate and track sales internally.

Boosting sales on two levels: individually and per country

The CTS sales competition is played on two levels:

  1. Encourage individual salespeople:
    The 15 best sellers (within a team of 720 CTS salespeople from more than 50 countries) will receive a trip to Ibiza with all the extras. To keep everyone motivated, the 100 best sellers of each quarter will also receive an extra incentive.
  2. Boosting sales per country:
    The country that sells the most wins a budget for a luxurious national teambuilding event.

Automatically counts scores and sends out rankings

Reusable annually. Teasing. Informative. Automatically counts scores. Reporting. Limited access, depending on internal functions. And stimulating for the entire CTS sales team.

In short: the sales campaign website had to have some functionalities. After internal consultation, we decided to build and design a modular website. A set of fixed modules guarantees that we can use the same simple but efficient competition mechanism every year.

The website also has automated emailing. This keeps all CTS salespeople up-to-date and the campaign alive. Moreover, the organising team saves a lot of extra time: they only have to upload the email database. The system does the rest – from welcoming new participants and updating rankings to motivating and informing sales. Easy peasy!

The prize for the best sellers: a luxury trip to Ibiza

Once the website was online, we dangled an irresistible sales hook. The bait: a teasing stop-motion film about Ibiza, in which a briefcase is transformed into a suitcase.

All CTS salespeople were automatically added as participants. They all received a personal invitation with the call to action ‘Grab your sales factor 50 for a place in the sun’.

The CTS country managers received an email with more information about their role and the rules: ‘Find out the specifics to learn what deals get your team closer to the top!

The website that keeps on giving

An annually reusable website. A sophisticated competition system. And an automated mail flow.

You can see the conclusion for yourself: a satisfied customer. And a satisfied CTS sales team

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