Case SIG Air Handling

Corporate branding as the key to global growth

Since 2008, the Belgian HVAC company Air Trade Centre has been a part of SIG plc, the European leader in specialised solutions for the construction industry. The group has a strong position in four product areas: Exteriors, Interiors, Insulation and Air Handling. It has an annual turnover of 3 billion euros and employs over 9,000 people.

New SIG Air Handling logo with tagline

In light of their ambitious growth strategy, SIG plc decided to rename the Belgian HVAC player and bring all HVAC activities together under a new umbrella brand: SIG Air Handling. Guided by the Navigator methodology, the new name was transformed into a corporate brand which reflects the corporate identity and the values of all current and future companies within the group.

1 brand, 1 brand positioning strategy, 1 house style

Although each company has kept its own identity, they do at the same time form part of a larger family: SIG Air Handling.

Graphical and ideological recognisability are essential to a strong brand. In the first phase, SIG Air Handling had to gain a clear identity. Working together with the client, we established a clear brand positioning strategy and drew up a mission, vision and values to which every company in the SIG Air Handling Group would subscribe. The mission statement was also translated into a tagline to go with the logo.

Corporate poster - Visie
Corporate poster - Missie: Customer Focus, Ease of access, reliability
Corporate poster - Visie: Air is comfort, air is energy, air is life

We then created the graphic identity of the HVAC group and the associated corporate guidelines. Following the new house style, we developed a corporate brochure, website and media such as flags, brand stationary, banners and more. Depending on the country, the corporate branding happened at different stages to safeguard the current positioning and recognisability of each company.

New SIG Air Handling corporate brochure
New SIG Air Handling website

Graphical and ideological recognisability are essential to a strong brand.

3D-render van de SIG Air Handling-beursstand op ISH 2017

Social commitment as a PR story

The name change was supported by a PR campaign and a European press event in Antwerp’s ‘Museum aan de Stroom’ (MAS). As social commitment and brand identity are inextricably linked, we highlighted the group’s raisons d’être: its focus on a high indoor air quality.

SIG Air Handlings maatschappelijk engagement: een betere binnenluchtkwaliteit voor iedereen

Brand identity and social commitment are inextricably linked.

In the short term, we have been successful in clearly positioning the brand and bringing all stakeholders together. The new corporate brand was welcomed with great enthusiasm both internally and externally. The regional companies were integrated on a country-by-country basis.

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Part of the new UNITED CAPS logo after the company's rebranding campaign


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