Case Ruukki

Clever lead nurturing campaign doubles number of leads

Ruukki is a steel roof manufacturer based in Finland, servicing to roof professionals in the Nordics and Eastern Europe. The company wanted to monitor the (end) customer journey more closely, so as to help their professional customers fill their calendars with appointments. Next to that, Ruukki was looking for a solution to streamline and enhance their customer service processes.

From 9 different systems to 1 with Oracle

Before contacting us, Ruukki used 9 different systems to collect, store and analyse customer data.

We teamed up with Oracle to replace these 9 data systems with a customised data management platform. The platform centralises and standardises lead segmentation, pre-campaign planning, campaign execution and post campaign analysis. We put that single source of truth to the test in a lead nurturing campaign aimed at the end customer.

We teamed up with Oracle to replace these 9 data systems with a customised data management platform.

Lead nurturing in 3 phases

The campaign consisted of 3 phases:

  • 1. Awareness: attract new leads with visit request forms.
  • 2. Lead nurturing: convert leads into prospects with a follow-up e-mail or SMS.
  • 3. Activation: convert prospects into opportunities and customers with automated printed direct mail.

Leads who had submitted the visit request form but had not yet acted on an offer were re-contacted in phases 2 and 3. To reactivate existing leads, we also included them in the 2 follow-up phases.

Impact of Ruukki’s lead nurturing campaign

Ruukki’s brand awareness grew by 62% in phase 1, with a conversion rate of 23% in the 2nd phase. The mobile lead nurturing campaign resulted in a whopping 49% response rate. In total, over 35% of the respondents ended up buying a new roof.

Over 35% of the respondents ended up buying a new roof. Customer support time decreased by 92%.

Its new, automated platform enabled Ruukki to target audience segments directly and to monitor their behavior more closely and efficiently. Not only did the implementation have an impact on the overall prospect experience, customer support time also decreased by 92%.

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