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How a good content strategy makes the difference in B2B communication

As the Belgian market leader in cereals, flour and flour products, Ceres supplies customers such as traditional and industrial bakeries. Ceres was looking for a way to communicate with its target audience in a regular and structured manner. The company preferred to position itself as a partner focused on passion and expertise, rather than as a supplier.

To start with, ARK BBN created a new website centralising all communication. The aim was to not only appeal to existing customers but also to new bakers and prospects. Features of the website included product information, sector news, tips and tricks, and even tailor-made advice. Easy navigation and a good user experience were fundamental, of course.

The website remains dynamic thanks to constant content updates and links to other communication channels here and there.

The website is the basis of an integrated content strategy focused on the user experience.

Good content marketing is always customised

We created a content calendar, mapping out the various communication flows. This provided an overview of all channels, formats and moments, allowing us to plan perfectly and align all the different elements.

Working in a B2B environment does not mean your communication needs to be business-like or boring. A pleasant and visual framework with text that flows and is easy to read makes a huge difference, to bakers as well.

That is why content marketing is always customised and best left to specialists. A content team consists of copywriters, graphic designers, planners, social media specialists and developers, all of whom are focused on the user.

Each piece of content is part of one giant puzzle.

All pieces of content need to fit together perfectly; whether they are press articles, product sheets or Facebook posts. The messages need to reinforce and complement each other and unite to form a fabulous full picture.

Besides this centrally-driven communication stream, we also created space for personal remarks and comments. This was possible through the Facebook page or Cerexclusief, a closed community that serves as a proper communication channel. Here, registered members are able to access exclusive information, ask questions, share tips & tricks in a (bakers’) forum, look for personnel and post jobs … By using these data, we were also able to provide the target audience with more specific information.

Ceres Soufflet Facebook post on how the ancient Egyptians used bread as a currency
Ceres Soufflet Facebook post on Solestar, a new bread mix by Ceres
Ceres Soufflet Facebook post on how to open a bakery shop
Ceres Soufflet Facebook post on Three Kings Day
Ceres Soufflet Facebook post on how to still your hunger
Ceres Soufflet Facebook post for New Year’s Eve

Sales representatives and bakers alike are enthusiastic about this integrated approach.

Ceres’ new approach to the baking market was received with enthusiasm by its target audience and employees. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We still ensure that Ceres’ communication remains innovative and tailored to its target audience. That approach means that bakers will regularly be informed with personalised content and activities. Our content team is continually coming up with new ideas to optimise communication and marketing at Ceres.

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