Case MDC Power

Building your employer brand

MDC Power belongs to Daimler AG and is located in Thüringen, Germany. The company produces diesel and petrol engines for almost every series of Mercedes-Benz. It supplies automotive factories from all over the world.

MDC Power - wir sind der Motor

MDC Power contacted BBN Germany to create a wider recognition of its employer brand, and in doing so, attract more qualified applicants. Our solution? Employer branding.

Employer brand unknown

When MDC Power contacted us, the company had already been expanding for several years. That success created an urgent demand for more personnel: new production lines had already been already planned, but not enough qualified candidates were found to work them.

Building an employer brand: goals

Our task was clear: by launching an employer branding campaign, we’d help build MDC Power’s employer brand. That way, we wanted to attract more qualified applicants.

Building an employer brand: approach

As MDC Power’s engines are the heart of premium cars, likewise, its employees are the heart of MDC Power.

  • Key visual of the employer branding campaign: a heart, made of original parts of MDC Power engines.
  • Campaign headline: ‘We are the engine. You are the heart.’
  • Visual appearance: consistent and concise, combined with a new style of photography showing authentic employees and an eye-catching black/white look.
Wir sind der Motor, dus bist das Herz

Employer branding campaign: external launch

After the internal launch, all external communication channels were widely used in a completely integrated way to raise awareness for MDC Power as an employer:

  • ads in relevant daily newspapers
  • online banner in regional portals
  • a spot for regional cinemas, running at prime time
  • big outdoor posters/billboards
  • trade fair stand for job fairs
  • info material (brochure, flyers)
  • Facebook posts
  • Google AdWords

All communication materials linked to the new website, which offers users a clear structure leading to the current vacancies, while presenting MDC Power’s strengths as an employer.

Employer branding: results

The results for the first five months were already quite impressive for a rural area such as Thüringen:

  • The new website was visited 62,511 times by 40,033 visitors.
  • The company name raised more awareness, with an increasing number of people searching actively for MDC Power.
  • Vacancies received significantly more attention and the number of applications soared.

Employer branding: success

MDC Power’s employer branding campaign was a success: it increasingly succeeded in raising interest from potential employees. Moreover, their current employees showed more motivation and commitment. Now that they saw the success of their company more clearly, they appreciated their role in it.

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