Case Samsung

Boost your business with account-based marketing

Samsung develops mobile devices for businesses worldwide. The multinational was looking for an effective way to promote its tablets and smartphones to large companies, and wanted to generate high-volume sales. We developed an account-based marketing campaign to help the company reach its goals.

From prospect to customer with account-based marketing

Samsung had already created an easy-to-use online phone finder tool to help guide potential customers to the right device. We wanted to use this tool as an incentive for bottom-of-the-funnel leads and decision-makers, so as to convert businesses into paying customers. We targeted them through account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing: buyer personas

To tailor Samsung’s message to the decision-makers’ needs, we created different buyer personas. These depicted everyone who was involved in the purchasing process:

  • CFO’s
  • CMO’s
  • IT-managers
  • HR-managers

Account-based marketing: 4 different email campaigns

We segmented leads and launched our account-based marketing campaign. In total, we created four different email marketing campaigns, by implementing Oracle’s marketing automation software. Every campaign included tailored content, landing pages, images and CTA’s. Depending on the persona, the focus would shift from instrumental to more emotional features.

Account-based marketing: tailor-made

We developed tailor-made content for the different stages of the buyer’s journey. After this, we added context and decided on the most relevant channel(s) to reach the target audience.

Web page with buyers’ guide

We used the buyers’ guide Samsung had already made. Two formats were available:

We opted for the existing tools because they focus on the solution, rather than the product. Moreover, they guided each and every persona smoothly through the buying cycle. This seemed better than the alternative with a one-pager with a comparison of all mobile devices.

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