Your B2B marketing and communications partner

ARK BBN combines local knowledge and entrepreneurship with the expertise and experience of a worldwide network. We provide you with exceptional service on all levels.

ARK BBN will accompany you along your entire B2B communications path with a combination of a targeted communications strategy, strong ideas and a maximum digital framework. Our objective? To optimise your ROI and make it measurable.

One-stop shop aka B2B communications hub

As a one-stop B2B agency, we are not keen on pigeonholes: our multidisciplinary team is tuned to results rather than conventions. With all our cases, we start with the strategy; what happens next depends on your project.

Content and PR, graphic design, web design, social media, … Wherever your brand takes us, our creative suitcase is packed to the brim.

The Navigator methodology: starting point for your B2B communication

Each of the international BBN agencies uses the Navigator methodology as a starting point. It serves as an integrated B2B toolkit: developed by our BBN partners, who all have years of experience and diverse areas of expertise to draw on. The Navigator methodology is undoubtedly unique.

Navigator guides us effortlessly through every B2B challenge, whether it is developing brand and contact strategies, creating campaigns, or anything in between.

Agile marketing for long(er) term thinkers

Agile marketing means striking when the iron is hot and evolving on the spot. The ARK BBN team is a hive of activity with an eye on tomorrow’s goal. See it as a flexible process for achieving your long-term objective: we grasp opportunities when they arise and set feasible goals, but then in accordance with a broader B2B marketing strategy. As soon as one priority has been dealt with, the next one is on the table. Your brand no longer evolves along with the market; it stays ahead of the competition.

Digital or classic? We prefer hybrid.

These days, digital marketing is as evident as B2B marketing. As modern marketers, we naturally assume that you are working in a digital environment. We therefore make no distinction between digital and classic marketing; we simply use different tools for each.

Worldwide B2B specialist

43 offices in 29 countries. 1,130 experts. 160 awards. BBN International is the world’s B2B agency. We are all driven by passion and strive continuously to lift your B2B marketing to a higher level.

Time for a practical example

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